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Apple to replace some iPhone X units plagued with Face ID issue

cjmagowan  —  8 months ago ( May 07, 2018 )    |    News

If you’re one of those who have experienced Apple’s Face ID issues on the iPhone X, you are not alone. There have been reports that the Face ID feature on the iPhone X refuses to work for some reasons. Apple is quick to remedy the issue and have prepared guidelines to circumvent the problem before support staff initiate unit replacement processes.

According to a recent document addressed to Authorized Service Providers, Apple detailed the process for support staff to follow when dealing iPhone X with Face ID issues.

The problem with Face ID has something to do with the back camera, that seems odd at first glance but as posted by Apple a few months ago that the True-Depth sensor camera on front is connected with the Telephoto sensor on the Back. So in that regard, the new document suggests that the first step in dealing with the problem is to run a diagnostic test to see if the Face ID problem has been resolved with the repair on the back camera.

If that doesn’t resolve the problem then support staff can then initiate the replacement process where owners of the defective iPhone X unit will be handed with a new and fresh unit of the handset.