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Apple releases iOS 10 to compatible devices

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Sep 14, 2016 )    |    News, Technology

Just as promised, Apple today rolled out the latest iOS 10 to compatible devices. For those who ask what devices are compatible with Apple’s biggest operating system upgrade so far, here they are: iPhone 5 and later, iPad 4, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPod Touch 6th gen and later versions of these devices that we’ve mentioned.

The biggest changes to the new iOS 10 comes to Siri, Apple has opened its digital assistant to third-party developers meaning apps that you can download from the App store may and will support Siri in their latest version which should become more convenient especially with note taking apps, maps, media players and just everything you can think of that can be easily manipulated through voice command. 3D touch has also been improved in iOS 10 which expands virtually on every part of the OS, this however is only available to 3D touch enabled devices such as the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus and the upcoming iPhone 7 series.


There’s also a new and redesigned locked screen, sliding to the right reveals all your widgets available and sliding to the left pops your camera app – a new and convenient way to fire up your device camera without going through the home screen and looking for the camera app in their. Another cool feature from iOS 10 which is unfortunately available to iPhone 6s and later is the raise to wake feature, which literally wakes up your phone when you raise it up, it’s intelligently designed to work only when your raise the phone and not work then the device is in your bag or something but can detect when you pull out the device from your pocket and raise the device to your hand to wake it up.

Pulling down the notification panel shows all your recent notifications from apps however, you’ll no longer have the widget panel on top of the screen but they are now available by swiping to the right to view all your widgets just like you do from the locked screen. You’ll might be on the home screen, locked screen or inside the notification panel, the Widgets can now be viewed by swiping all the way to the right with a conveniently placed search bar right on top.

Most of the built-in Apple apps are either upgraded or update with new features for iOS 10,there’s an improved keyboard enhancements to the Photo’s apps, improvements to the Maps app, a new and improved user interface for the Apple Music and News, a unified interface for VoIP app and Phone app and much more that’s either new or enhanced with the latest OS.

Usability also been improved in iOS 10, for devices equipped with taptic engine, there’s a significant added taptic feedback to every thing that you do on the device instead of just a vibration. iOS 10 also brings a new keyboard feedback and different tones with every keys that you tap on the screen.

However, just as Apple unleashed the new iOS 10 to compatible devices, reports are coming in saying that some users are experiencing boot loops and others are bricking their iOS device after installing iOS 10. If you are satisfied with your current iOS 9 installation, you might want to hold up for a while and wait for Apple to patch this issue.