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Apple might consider dual-SIM functionality for the next iPhone

cjmagowan  —  7 months ago ( Jul 04, 2018 )    |    News

In a few months time, Apple will be unleashing new versions of the iPhone and as expected, they will look a lot like the iPhone X. We’ve used “they” as rumors suggests that Apple won’t be releasing just one but two or even more iPhone devices this year.

As rumors pile up, they all sound to be expected this year however there is one thing that seems a little surprising from the Cupertino giant. According to our sources, Apple is considering to include Dual-SIM feature on one of the next version of the iPhone. Apple didn’t feel the need of dual SIM’s in the past but as other manufacturers proved their usefulness and how customers demand such feature for quite some time already. Apple will have to implement the feature in parts of the world such as in China and most parts in Asia where users prefer dual SIM options that the conventional single SIM devices.

But there’s a catch, Apple will continue to use its proprietary Apple SIM or Apple’s version of the e-SIM which is now recognized in 180 countries. In addition to that, future iPhone will include a SIM slot that will hold a traditional SIM card from your favorite network carrier. This way, you’ll have a dual SIM function will a secondary carrier network of your choice.

While it’s a feature to Apple will have to consider, we really don’t know for sure if the company will push through on such plans but considering consumer demand are on the rise, we might just see on of the next iPhone to have them on.