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Apple launched Move to iOS app on Google Play to easily switch from Android to iOS

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Sep 17, 2015 )    |    Gadgets, Mobile, News, Technology


If you’re an Android user for sometime and for whatever reasons that you may have that you want to move along with an Apple device then you’re in luck as Apple now makes it easily for you to move stuff from Android to Apple iOS as the Cupertino giant finally launched an app on Google Play to give your migration experience a smooth start. The new “Move to iOS” app transfers your photos and videos, message history, email accounts, contacts, web bookmarks and calendar entries from your Android device to your new Apple device. Apple’s new iPhone and iPad’s will look for your Android device running the Move to iOS and will then create a secure private Wi-Fi connection to begin the migration process.

Once the connection initiates, it will then require users to enter a security code to begin and new iOS device will then copy all contents from the Android device to the right places on your new Apple device. After the migration is complete, Apple will then offer you to recycle your Android device for free at the nearest Apple Store near you.

Do note however that the “Move to iOS” app requires Android 4.0 or later to run.

SOURCEGoogle Play