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Apple iPhone 7 might ditch the physical Home button for a Capacitive Home key

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Jun 17, 2016 )    |    News


Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch comes with a physical home button installed on each device in which most part of it takes users to the home screen in one press.Over the years, the home button has grown more functionality that it becomes one of the most used button on the device.

With constant use of the button, issues regarding the home button malfunctioning over excessive use became apparent that prompted Apple to create a small on-screen tool called the AssistiveTouch feature to replicate the home button functions on screen.

The physical home button on the iPhone have persisted even with the latest iPhone 6s Plus but with an added fingerprint reader since the iPhone 5s came out which we would expect to bring more stress to the physical home button as functionality adds up.

Not long for now, eventually the iPhone 7 will become the next iPhone and as rumors pills up, one notable addition that’swhat seemingly would be the next iPhone is that the physical home button that we used to love and hate will not be replaced by a more solidified capacitive key with a drawn circular home button.


Moving on with a capacitive touch-based home key will have Apple to revise some gesture functionality with the next iPhone. The undisclosed source besides the two images that we see above also suggests two gestures with the new feature:tap & hold to launch Siri and a double tap for the app switcher.