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Apple introduces the new Apple Watch series 3 with cellular capabilities

cjmagowan  —  1 year ago ( Sep 13, 2017 )    |    Computing, Featured, Gadgets, News, Technology

The Apple Watch haven’t seen a significant redesign since it launched around three years ago but despite the same squarish design over the years, the wrist-strapping device stayed up to beat all other competitions in the market and that also includes traditional watch manufacturers as well. Apple saw a significant 50% growth in market share since the Apple Watch series 2 and  now it becomes the number watch in the world taking over Omega, Fossil and Rolex.

What’s really missing about the previous generation Apple Watch is the ability to call so now for the first time ever, Apple is introducing the Apple Watch series 3 with cellular connectivity on board via an eSIM, so you can leave your phone at home and still send and receive calls through the Watch when needed. It looks like that Apple is now making the new eSIM technology a growing technology and is expected to become a commonplace for future devices.

A phone does need an antenna to connect to the network and you might be thinking that it includes an embedded antenna to do that, well, that’s partially correct as the small Apple Watch has already cramped every piece of equipment inside the device so the best way for Apple to add the antenna is use the display and let the whole display component on the Apple Watch as the receiver antenna for both 4G/LTE and 3G connectivity.

Making calls was just a start, how about entertainment on the Apple Watch? With cellular capabilities and the new powerful W2 chip with 85% boost in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi performance with low-power usage, the new Apple Watch series 3 can stream your songs through the network that makes you leave your Apple Music at home and have it available to your Apple Watch on the go. There is also a new dual core processor inside the new Apple Watch which now enables Siri to finally talk on the Watch.

Now, the new Apple Watch continues to improve on fitness and health related features with the introduction of the new Smart Activity Coaching. There’s a barometer sensor that takes note of the number of steps being made and a heart rate sensor that regularly monitors the heart rate reading of the wearer. It can also detect Arrhythmias, which could provide significant information for early diagnosis of heart problems and keeps users updated from their unusual heart rate readings especially when they are inactive.

These new features together with the new hardware is made possible with the new WatchOS 4.0 which will also be available to existing Apple Watch devices beginning September 19th.

While the Apple Watch series 3 brought cellular capabilities, Apple is also making the new Apple Watch series without the feature. Prices for the Cellular enabled version starts at $399.00 and the regular non-cellular variant starts at $329.00. Apple is still making the first Apple Watch available as well at $249.00. Apple Also introduce two new color options :  Gold Aluminum and a Special Black Ceramic with a new selection of Watch bands to go along with. The new Apple Watch will be available for pre-order starting September 15th and should be available in Stores by September 22nd.