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Apple has a cheaper iPhone with the iPhone XR

6.1-inch display, a notch, Face ID but with a single camera on the back
cjmagowan  —  5 months ago ( Sep 17, 2018 )    |    Mobile, News

Apple figured out that users may find iPhone XS pricing just to aggressive and decided to bring out a cheaper iPhone X into the market with the iPhone XR. It’s cheaper (sort of) compared to all other models that it came after but one would have to deal with the limitations that comes with it.

The new iPhone XR is a lot taller than the iPhone X or the iPhone XS though with a 6.1-inch display but it runs on an IPS LCD screen with a lower resolution at 822 x 1,1792 pixels. Apple has a name for the display though and they call it Liquid Retina and features a 120Hz touch sensing technology meaning that touch inputs is way faster than conventional smartphone touch panels.

It also has a notch on top as expected where the iPhone design is heading with the same 3D face-scanning technology feature from Apple popularly known as Face ID, so the same amount of security feature is what users will get even at this price point (which is cheaper as Apple claims).

What good to know though is that it is powered by the same A12 Bionic chip from its more premium siblings but has to settle with a notch down of RAM at only 3GB. For storage, there’s 64GB, a 128GB and a 256GB versions of it and as always there’s no memory expansion options.

What makes it a hell low of a downgrade for the iPhone X is the inclusion of a single 12 Megapixel camera on the back. The iPhone XR even with its single sensor can still produce stunning images thanks to the A12 Bionic chip inside it which is responsible for all post processing for every photo and videos that users takes from the phone. It can do adjustable bokeh effects and smart HDR without a sweat.

On the front, the Selfie shooter is also a 7 Megapixel camera, the same sensor from all other iPhone XS models with the same amount of features as the premium offers at a quarter less.

So where does the iPhone XR positions itself, given these specs are, it’s no doubt that the handset is a direct replacement for the iPhone 8 with almost the same dimensions and even with same familiar features as the outgoing handset.

With its design and features at hand, we could formally see the departure of Apple’s long-standing smartphone design and more forward with what the iPhone X pioneered a year ago.

The iPhone XR also reminds us on the iPhone 5C days where funky pastel color options were in but in the case of the iPhone XR, their color options are somewhat a little conservative with a few Apple color options including (Product) Red, Yellow, White, Coral, Black and Blue.

The new iPhone XR will begin its pre-order on October 19 and ships on October 26. Prices for its variants are as follows:

  • iPhone XR 64GB = $799
  • iPhone XR 128GB = $799
  • iPhone XR 256GB = $899