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Angry Birds 2 now available for iOS and Android devices

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Jul 31, 2015 )    |    Entertainment, Gadgets, Mobile


Since its debut in 2009, Rovio Entertainment released a handful of iterations from the original Angry Birds based on movies and other popular themes. Today, Rovio release its 12th version with the new Angry Birds 2, though the title sounds a bit crazy but it’s actually a direct sequel to the original Angry Birds that we love.

The birds are all the same along with the new ones to help while the goals and its gameplay are still the same it surely does have many improvements along the way. The game is mounted on a multi-stage level where you can destroy the piggies fortress and even the piggies themselves. It now also has a boss battles on each level where you will have to undergo and defeat them all before moving on the next stage.

With Angry Birds 2, fans would be delighted to know that unlike all other versions of the game, it now allow players to choose whose next in line to be tossed. Before, we are limited on a predefined order on who’s next to flick, but now you have the freedom to choose which avian in the line-up goes next that inflicts more damage to the enemy.

The new Angry Birds to also goes out with new graphics and animations which would make the game more appeal than ever.

The game was just launched yesterday on both Android and iOS platform but sadly, Rovio confirms that they would be making the game available on Windows platform. It’s kind of heart breaking for Windows users but it the platform improves its user base, the game developer might as well change its mind.

If you haven’t installed the game yet, head over to the source below, select your platform and install the game.