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An alleged render shows an early look at Google Pixel 2

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Jul 15, 2017 )    |    News

Google is at the verge of a announcing their next Pixel phone and that prompted everyone for a wild guess of what could the Pixel 2 would look like and how is it going to fair with the latest flagship devices in the market today.

Android Police may seem to have an answer to our questions with a leaked on an alleged early render of Google’s Pixel 2. Mountain Valley’s next handset is said to be produced by LG and it seems to continue its design trend with refinements on all corners with Pixel’s signature two-plate design on the back.

The front of the handset has undergone an extreme makeover with a little bezels this time, a virtually bezel less on the sides and thinner top and bottom. The display is said to have a 5.99-inch screen with an 18:9 aspect ratio and has a rounded corners laminated by what seems to be a 2.5D glass.

Going back to the rear and at the top of it comes with a smaller glass plate which houses the single-sensor camera along with an LED flash. The fingerprint sensor is outside from the glass plate this time and the antenna lines seems nowhere to be found possibly it has been redesigned as well that may line the frames or it’s just concealed and blended in.

One of the most discussed feature that is coming with the Pixel 2 is its speculated squeeze  functionality that works just like the one on HTC’s U11 even with the screen turned off. This features allows users to squeeze the sides of the handset for additional functions perhaps launching its Google Assistant or take incoming calls. Apart from this, the Pixel 2 will also include an Always On display feature as standard.

Google is expected to announced the Pixel 2 later this year and the new handset will be available in two variants. The one being shown here is said to be the XL variant while the standard variant of the handset is also expected to join the Pixel 2 XL but with a smaller display.