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AMD announced the new Ryzen “Threadripper” for the Ultra-High-end PC market with 16-cores and 32-threads

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( May 17, 2017 )    |    Computing

AMD continues to grow as it step up its game and making itself relevant in the seemingly monopolized market of PC processors headed by Intel. The new Ryzen chips from AMD proves itself a worthy competitor in the Processor category and has been wrecking performance charts since then. After the initial entry with high-end Ryzen 7 for the gaming enthusiasts, AMD once again introduce the world to an ultra-premium desktop system setups with their newly announced Threadripper.

The new Threadripper chips comes with an unprecedented desktop chipset with 16 processor cores and is further subdivided into 32 threads. AMD also introduce an all-new HEDT platform with expanded memory and bandwidth. AMD didn’t dig deep into the details about its new processor but it is said to be targeted into the ultra-high end performance desktop.

If you’d remember correctly, AMD’s Ryzen chips bested Intel chips in multi-threaded processes but is still behind with single-thread task from Intel and if that will still be the case with the new Threadripper, it should be safe to assume that while to offers a significant boost in gaming performance, it would perform remarkably better for professionals in video editing, extensive motion graphics and 3D plotting.

AMD will also introduce a new graphics line with its upcoming Vega architecture with boards to arrive sometime in June. For the initial graphics chips, AMD preps the new Radeon Vega Frontier Edition is aim at data scientists and engineers rather than games. Upcoming Ryzen Mobile chips on the other hand which comes with 4-core processors and 8-threads will soon have AMD’s Vega architecture built-in which is said to have a 50% increase in CPU performance and 40% increase in graphics with lower power consumption. The said mobile processors will be launching at the second half of 2017 and units with this chipset should arrive in time for the holidays.

Finally, AMD’s aggressive improvements in overall performance for the new line of chipset means a better contender for the current top competitor Intel, and with AMD’s known marketing strategy an affordable alternative to Intel, prices for these high-performance chipsets should then favor customers and gives more options to users.

AMD will soon provide more details about the newly announced chipset at Computex next week, so stay tuned…