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Alleged Meizu Pro 7 live photo gets leaked, shows secondary display and dual cameras

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Jun 15, 2017 )    |    News

The Meizu Pro 7 release date is miles from being released but as early as this month, we are already fed with more information about the handset with rumors suggesting that the Meizu Pro 7 will have a secondary display in which at that point we then reference LG’s V series as an example but it turned out that the Meizu implementation of a secondary display seems to go the other way around.

We then had some renders of what the Meizu’s secondary display could look like from a leaked image a few days ago. This is an e-ink display that displays may be used to show information such as time, weather and other notifications.

This seemingly legit render also showed us the dual camera sensors on the back, just above the secondary display and the noticeable antenna lines on the top and bottom of the handset.

Soon after the image render gave us a glimpse on what the Meizu Pro 7 would look like, it eventually led us to a live photo of the handset being handled in the wild.

 Apart from time and weather, the alleged Meizu Pro 7 leaked image has its secondary display with date information and some shortcuts which could tell us that this e-ink display is also touch sensitive just like main display on the front however we still have no idea as to what extent this display could do besides showing notifications and shortcuts.

The handset specs is still limited at this point but rumors has it that it sport a 5.2-inch AMOLED display and will be powered by a MediaTek Helio X30 chip and will include at least 6GB of RAM.

The handset is rumored to become official in September, so let us stay tuned for more information about this unique device and we’ll see what we could get with a secondary device implementation on the Meizu Pro 7.