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Alleged Android Go-powered Samsung device spotted on Geekbench

cjmagowan  —  10 months ago ( Apr 29, 2018 )    |    News

Smartphone manufacturers are noticing the full potential of Google Android Go project with devices popping out every now and then but up until now, we haven’t seen a similar device coming for one of the biggest device Android device manufacture and that is Samsung. The company developed Android devices at the early days of the Operating System and until now they continue to do so. Samsung for years, always included their own proprietary UI layer on top of each version of Android but rumors todays seems to suggest otherwise.

A recent entry from Geekbench has caught attention from many experts in the market. From what the results have shown, they believed that to be from Samsung’s own version of Google Android Go powered handsets. Why those experts thought that was the case, It’s because of the hardware specs that it rendered. The said mysterious handset comes with 4-core processor and 1GB of RAM and is running the latest version of Android 8.1 Oreo operating system.

Android Go devices typically runs on low-spec’d devices in the market where most of them are released in third-world countries where not everyone can even afford a smartphone device. With Android Go, Google hopes to make Android-powered smartphones more affordable and reliable with the latest version of Android and on time with updates from Google.

What really is confusing though is the fact that the device in question has a moniker of Galaxy J2 device where most probably the case is the Galaxy J2 Core 2018 variant as it carries an SM-J260G model number which is typical to Galaxy J2 devices. Whether this will be Samsung’s first Android Go powered device or a new version of Galaxy J2 Core remains to be seen. What makes it more intriguing is that motherboard is listed as “universal7570_go”, something that points into one thing and that’s more probably towards a Go version or something.

Would you be interested for Samsung device without the TouchWiz UI or Samsung Experience UI layer on top? A Samsung device without the weight of its own User Interface isn’t entirely new for Samsung, the last time that the company produced a Pure-Google experience device was with the Galaxy Nexus a few years back.