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Alcatel Idol 4 Pro running Windows 10 Mobile poses for the camera

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Sep 10, 2016 )    |    News

Microsoft itself might have pushed its Surface phone plans to 2017 that simply disappoints Windows Phone fans to a higher degree not to mention Microsoft’s changing plans on what Windows 8.1 devices should be upgraded to Windows 10 when the OS officially rolled out last March, this left users out of the cold while hoping on getting their hands to the much awaited upgrade for Windows Phones. Fortunately despite the plunging market share of the OS, Microsoft seems determined to continue to develop the seemingly dying operating system.


While Microsoft may not have something to offer until next year (or so they say), third-party OEM are still putting their money for the OS and like HP, who were officially being supported by Microsoft with their high-end phablet the HP Elite X3,Alcatel is also making a Windows Phone device of their own with the allegedly upcoming Alcatel Idol 4 Pro. Like the Elite X3, the Idol 4 Pro will also be a Alcatel’s flagship device on Windows 10 and being a flagship device, Alcatel would want to offer the best possible hardware it could give for the best Windows 10 Mobile experience.

The said handset has been in a number of rumors recently but it’s just now that something go a hold of a working device running Windows 10 Mobile. Fortunately for us, the leakster got a decent shot on the device showing what could it be really like. From earlier renders and now a live leak, there’s no question on the existence of the device except when it will become available in the market.

Remember that Microsoft was supposed to release a trio of devices running Windows 10 Mobile each year serving different segments but when they hold off and teased of a Surface phone, all plans seems to come to a halt with no one working for one device directly manufactured or supervised by Microsoft and Windows 10 Mobile consumers are awaiting for something to come out yet there’s the worries of some that it might just not happen.With third-party stepping in, it seems that in some point of view, someone’s got to do something to save the dying yet beautiful and highly potential operating system.

So we are looking forward for Alcatel to bring a device that Windows 10 Mobile deserves and it looks like that it’s just gonna do that. Looking at the rumored specs, the anticipated Idol 4 Pro runs on today’s best processor the Snapdragon 820 that clocked at 2.1 GHz in all 4-cores along with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage space plus a microSD card support for storage expansion. It will have a 5.5-inch display in full-HD and a 21 Megapixel Sony IMX230 is also said to support the device in its imaging department.

Like we’ve said, Alcatel still weren’t able to tell when the handset goes official in the market but someone close to the company says that when it does, it should make its dbut in the US on T-Mobile and yes, it will be running the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update out of the box so you don’t have to worry about the steps in upgrading the device when you turn it on the first time.