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Your next Samsung monitor can charge you smartphone wirelessly

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Jul 28, 2015 )    |    Computing, Gadgets, News

Major tech companies such as Samsung are all geared up to provide us with the best tech that money can buy, be it on the living room or your office, Samsung always has something for us to enjoy and embrace the technology the world of electronics and gadgetry has to offer.


Big-sized television and displays are all infused with smart technologies while monitors are pretty left with what’s left when desktop computers are the main attraction a few years ago. But now, Samsung has giving monitors a major break and has included a feature that becomes a valuable addition to every smartphone user with wireless charging technology.

Designed to declutter our work tables with cables and stuff, The new Samsung 24-inch full-HD S24E370DL and the  27-inch S27E370DS packs a qi-charging capabilities which allows any device with qi charging features to juice-up their batteries. These monitors also comes with AMD’s anti-flicker gaming tech and a 178-degree viewing angles.

Samsung have not released any information about the availability of these monitors but we could expect one by the end of the year. Samsung is also expected to showcase these monitors at IFA this September together with other Samsung gadgets, appliances and mobile devices on the biggest electronic show this quarter.