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Yi announces its new live 360 VR camera for consumers

Your affordable 360-camera with professional-grade features
cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Apr 26, 2017 )    |    Gadgets

When a plain action camera sounds old school, you’ll be looking for something different to playback your adventures and experiences and what else is more appealing with a 360 camera for that experience. Cameras that shoots in 360-degree are starting to become a common piece of equipment when recording videos and live-streams, this will allows viewer to see and view your views in 360-degrees.

So to serve that purpose, Xiaomi-backed Yi Technology introduces the new Yi 360VR camera with a two 12 Megapixel Sony IMX377 sensor on a 220-degree lenses for each sensors. It can take a 360-degree video recording at 30fps and comes with an Ambarella processing chip to stitch each footage together for the 360 view effect, what with it is that it takes 5.7K resolution videos at this frame rate. More so, it could also do live-streaming videos for a resolution of 2.5K over Wi-Fi but users its battery could only live of up to an hour of battery life so one must have a charger ready for longer continuous streaming.

Pricing is what Yi Technology edges and it sure does come with a fairly affordable price tag than its competitors, interestingly it will ship first in limited numbers in the US around June before hitting China and other parts of the world for $399.00 which is roughly around 20,000 Php before duties and taxes.