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Xiaomi to reopen in the Philippines real soon

Christian Jay Magowan  —  9 months ago ( Apr 25, 2017 )    |    News

Xiaomi is back in the Philippines and this time it’s official. Xiaomi opened its doors in the Philippines back in 2014 but later pulled out its few concept stores and eventually its entire online distribution in 2016. For apparent reasons, Xiaomi’s marketing model didn’t worked as they have expected with the Philippine market, Filipinos are used to get to see with their device first before actually buying them and Xiaomi’s online selling scheme wasn’t much appreciated by Filipinos.

Now it’s 2017 and just a few months after Xiaomi told our sources at MWC 2017 that the company will be making a comeback in the country, Xiaomi Philippines will be reopening their door to Filipino customers and fans, but unlike in the past, the company will open physical concept stores and will partner with official distributors and resellers in the country to sell and distribute Xiaomi products.

Currently, an official distributor Facebook page is up for customers and resellers and they are accepting orders for Xiaomi devices through manual online ordering until their concept store officially opens towards the second half of the year.

What really is good news about the company’s comeback it that, since Xiaomi’s departure from the Philippines, Xiaomi users and fans are limited to get their favorite devices from the grey markets which means that warranty is virtually non-existent but with Xiaomi’s official presence in the country, we will be able to get an officially supported devices complete with warranty of all sorts and a device that is officially running a global ROM recognized in the Philippines.

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