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Xiaomi Mi 6 officially unveiled, premium goes affordable

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Apr 23, 2017 )    |    Featured, Mobile

Earlier this week, Xiaomi has finally unwrapped what the company’s is cooking under the roof for a long time, there we’re some of the iterations of the Mi flagship handsets but Xiaomi back then were actually a small revamped of the highly popular and acclaimed Mi 5 until recently when the Chinese tech firm formally unveiled their next generation flagship the Mi 6. With the new handset, Xiaomi is all set to introduce the latest technology in mobile computing and communication in a yet another affordable pricing.

Unlike all other flagship devices that came out this year which significantly has a revolutionary redesigns, Xiaomi’s approach for the latest Mi 6 is on the refinement on build quality and design. This is like the time when Samsung moved from the Galaxy S6 to the Galaxy S7 with minute differences. Though our example seems a little far from that, Xiaomi’s version actually falls on the same category but with something unique on its own.

The Xiaomi Mi 6 when compared to the outgoing Mi 5 comes with a familiar look with little difference in the form and aesthetics, but inside is totally a different kind of beast. If you’re curious about it, all Mi 6 devices is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip which is from here alone you’ll already have an idea on what you’ll get with every purchase that you’ll be making pretty much soon.

As a flagship, customers are treated with premium quality and materials. The Xiaomi Mi 6 is build on a full metallic frame which takes 12 days to polish and a total of 40 processes to achieve them. this is complimented by a curved glass on the front and back for a stunning shiny look. And the controls, SIM tray and antenna lines are well-positioned and aligned in a way with what Xiaomi stressed out as their new Aligned Design Concept.

To make the Xiaomi Mi 6 even more premium, there will be a ceramic back version of the handset with an 18K gold rims on the cameras on the back similar to what you’ll find on the Mi Mix 18K.

The Xiaomi Mi 6 comes with the same reliable 5.15-inch display as its predecessor with 1080p resolutions and 600nits of brightness. The Home button on the front isn’t actually a physically home button but on a capacitive type with an embedded fingerprint sensor. On the back is almost as minimalist as it gets if not with the dual-main cameras and its accompanying LED flash.

Speaking of the camera, the Xiaomi Mi 6 now comes with a dual-cameras with both sensors having 12 Megapixel resolutions on them. One is has a wide-angle lens while the other sensor’s handles the telephoto effect, a feature seen on the latest iPhone 7 Plus. It features a 4-Axis Optical Image Stabilization for a more steady and less blurry shoots. There’s the 6-Element lens with f/1.8 lens Aperture.

Other camera features includes Phase Detection AF (PDAF), Portrait Mode, Panorama, HDR, Face Recognition, Continuous Shutter Mode. There’s also a 4K video capture support, 1080p capture and Slow-mo video at 120fps on 720p.

On the front, is an 8 Megapixel camera with its 3rd generation of Beautify software support, this one right here favors all the Selfie obsessed and lovers out there who wants the perfect shot of themselves in any possible angle and manner. It too supports 1080p quality video calls, self-timer, countdown timer, facial recognition and Magic Mirror functions.

As we’ve already examined the surface, going down under is a journey to a technological powerhouse in a mobile device. The Mi 6 isn’t just your another flagship device, though some manufacturers already had this implemented but only few manufacturers today like Xiaomi that managed to include the latest Snapdragon 835 chipset and the new Adreno 540 Graphics chip that comes along with it. Together with the latest and fastest mobile processor to date, the flagship device also comes with 6GB of system RAM available to all of its variants. Storage comes with a number of options with either 64GB of 128GB.

Though Xiaomi primarily competes with nothing more that the Apple iPhone, it’s unfortunate though that Xiaomi had removed the 3.5mm audio jack on the Mi 6 when headphone jacks proves to fairly reasonable and practical for every user. With the kind of thing omitted on what seems to be an almost perfect phone, Xiaomi alleviates the loss of the mighty headphone jack with dual stereo speakers found at the bottom of the handset.

The Mi 6 comes with USB-C a new and becoming a popular standard for charging and connectivity on Android devices. The battery on the handset comes embedded as expected and you’ll get a 3350 mAh battery pack for that matter with Fast Charge 3.0 support. Though the Mi 6 isn’t certified to be waterproof, Xiaomi has its ways to make the handset splashproof on some sort with each of the handsets opening has been sealed off to prevent water from coming into the device.

All other features of the Xiaomi Mi 6 includes a Dual-SIM tray with both slots support 4G, 3G and 2G connectivity, There’s also Wi-Fi 802.11ac and 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 5.0 with Bluetooth HID, Multi-function NFC, GPS with A-GPS support.

The Xiaomi Mi 6 is launching in China this coming April 28 with a price that starts at CNY2,499 ($360) for its 64GB variant. For the 128GB variant the price goes up for CNY2,899 ($420). As we’ve mentioned earlier, the Xiaomi Mi 6 also comes with a special Ceramic edition version with 128GB storage and an 18K gold camera rims, that goes for CNY2,999 ($435). For such pricing schemes, you’ll really have nothing else to think about but to get your hands in one of this.