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Xiaomi just announced the Mi Mix in UAE, available this March

Customers hope it would become available in other regions as well
cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Feb 24, 2017 )    |    Mobile

One of the most stylish and radically designed handset of 2016 is the Xiaomi Mi Mix which turns out to be an inspiration for other manufacturers to adopt a virtually full-front display devices. The Mi Mix when it came out in October of last year has received a lot of praises and excellent reviews but despite all of its popularity the handset remained exclusive in China.

That however will have to change as for the first time ever, Xiaomi announced the Mi Mix for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) market and that announcement will allow the region to get the official Mi Mix units in the country without having its customers purchase the handset overseas. Right now, the only way to get our hands on the Mi Mix is basically through online retailers and the grey markets.

The Mi Mix will be sold for AED 2,999 in UAE which is roughly around $815. In connection with the official announcement, the Mi Mix is labelled as “Coming Soon” at Xiaomi’s official Middle East and North America (MENA) website which means that the handset will also become in this region very soon and hopefully in other regions as well, given that the handset already gained an increasing number of user base.

One thing to note though is that, while Xiaomi is opening its doors for the Mi Mix outside of China, the company is already working with the next version of the Mi Mix and like the first generation Mi Mix handset, its successor will still be in collaboration with French designer Philippe Starck.