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Xiaomi is launching its own Pinecone chipset on February 28

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Feb 20, 2017 )    |    Technology

When a bunch isn’t enough, sure there’s more room for one to occupy into and that’s what just Xiaomi did when theyteased a self-produced Chipset is coming our way. Currently there were a trio of OEM’s that produces their own chipset and that’s Apple with their A-series, Samsung on Exynos and Huawei for Kirin, and now Xiaomi will also take the responsibility on powering its own devices with their anticipated Pinecone chip which will lead to an expected improvements from these companies as competition rises.

Though the new about Xiaomi’s ambition to manufacture its own chipset is nothing new to the mobile industry as Xiaomi’s had explicitly suggests their plans for that matter, however today, Xiaomi followers are more than just excited as before as the company formally sent out invites for a special event on February 28 which will be held at China National Convention Center in Beijing.

This upcoming chipset will be a Xiaomi’s work in collaboration with Leadcore Technology, one of Xiaomi’s partner in powering Xiaomi’s devices in the past and with their joint research and development, the project will ensure seamless integration and support similar to what Apple do with their A series chips.

According to our many sources, Pinecone is currently an assumed codename for the upcoming chipset and is a direct interpretation from its Chinese term. Xiaomi might call the chipset with some other names that will fit the global market but who knows, Pinecone sounds better enough already.

We’re not yet sure as well what devices will incorporate Pinecone at this point in time but a Xiaomi flagship isn’t to far enough. Also, there has been no information about the specs of the chipset and that’s what we’re all gonna get as Xiaomi will formally unveil the chipset on the 28th. Stay tuned….