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With slow internet connection, the Philippines becomes the testbed for Twitter’s new Twitter Lite Android app

cjmagowan  —  10 months ago ( Sep 24, 2017 )    |    News

Twitter haven’t seen a significant increase of sign ups lately but the social media site still is busy as it always does. One way of gaining more users is to make it more accessible even in the most harsh and limited regions. That’ why today, Twitter launched and is currently testing its Twitter lite Android app and guess where they are launching it first, the Philippines.

The Philippines is notoriously known for its sluggish internet connection, not just that, most users in the country are often under prepaid plans with a hit and miss data connection. Now Twitter recognizes the need to make the people capable of sharing information through a lightweight and non-resource hogged app with all of Twitter core features intact and let users decides which multimedia content to load.

Unlike the Facebook Lite, the Twitter Lite app offers the same experience as it would with the fully featured app and the details is as what you come to expect from Twitter. Users will still be able to view the regular Timeline, the Explore Tab, Notifications, and Messages straight from the app, all in a smaller chunk of data.

With the app, there’s an even more data friendly feature called the “Data saver” mode in which the app disables pictures and videos from showing up unless you chose to view them which the app can use up to 70% less data overall. It also works with 3G connectivity as well as on 2G networks. More so, with devices still exists with less memory onboard, the Twitter lite app can convenient sits right into the device as it only accounts just 3MB of space.

Currently, the new Twitter Lite app is an experiment and the company haven’t discussed anything yet when it comes to availability in other regions, but the phase seems promising and rocking with it seems a viable alternative if one is pretty much concern about data consumption.