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Windows Phone How-to site went live

cjmagowan  —  5 years ago ( Jul 21, 2014 )    |    Mobile, Technology


Just as Microsoft rolled out the new Lumia Cyan Update with Windows Phone 8.1, the company now puts up a new How To guide online to help users old and new in getting the most of their Windows Phone 8 device.

The How-to site is hosted through and offers a step by step video guide from simply making and taking video calls, send messages, change system settings, use Cortana, get directions with maps, get apps and among other things. The site tells users almost every bit of Windows Phone 8 features that every Lumia devices has that most of us wasn’t aware that they’re there.

For Old users, the tutorials opens new discoveries on what we could do with our Windows Phone devices. For new users, the tutorials introduces users to the new world of Windows Phone and the things users could do when they migrate to the new platform.

The new Lumia Cyan update is an exclusive set of updates for Nokia Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices and is currently on the roll by region. check your device/s now and again to see if the update is now available for download.

Head over to the source below to try the service for yourself.