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WhatsApp to remove annual fee and promised to stay ads free on its service

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Jan 18, 2016 )    |    Entertainment, Gadgets, Mobile, News


One of the most popular apps in the mobile ecosystem is WhatsApp and it can be downloaded for free to use for all users. But currently, WhatsApp subscribers only limited to use the app without a  free for a year, the succeeding years of use for the service requires users a small annual subscription fee of 99 cents until today.

According to WhatsApp on their latest official blog post, the forced subscription fee for new users hasn’t work so well that the company will be removing the restriction completely in the next few weeks. The team behind the service will be making the messenger app a fully accessible for users. Many users of WhatsApp are within the younger population and most of its users doesn’t own a debit or credit card of their own which worries them that their communication to their family and friends would be cut off after a year so they obviously turn to other messaging service.

Original users of WhatsApp were granted a free lifetime usage of the service however that doesn’t apply to newer users and that’s where WhatsApp is going to change the privilege, making the service available to all will open a whole new possibilities for new business model to flourish, something that doesn’t involve in app ads that WhatsApp developer strongly disagrees, so we’ll still have the same WhatsApp app without the limitations and fees. What’s more possible is that WhatsApp will be following the business model of Facebook messenger that generate its revenue through services for businesses.

WhatsApp is also a Facebook-owned business, though Facebook does have a standalone messaging service, WhatsApp users are also a special set of users who takes advantage of WhatsApp’s exclusive features something that Facebook reserves for its WhatsApp app. Currently, WhatsApp has a total of about 1 billion users and the removal of the barrier will welcome more users.