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Waze is now even more personalized, enables you to record your own voice prompts

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( May 10, 2017 )    |    Guides

Discovering Waze is a blessing for most drivers, It gives you the power to dodge traffic and practically learns the shortest shortcuts available in your area. The community-based navigation app went through a lot of updates but the most enjoyable (as it seems) was the latest.

Apart from the usual bug fixes, Waze brought a new feature and that is with its own voice recorder. Yes, a voice recorder, a new feature that would allow Waze users like you and me to record your own voice as you custom voice prompts.

To access voice recorder: Swipe from the leftmost edge to the right or tap the search button to bring you profile console, then tap the gear icon from the top and go to Settings > Sound & voice > Voice Recorder. From here, you can record your own voice or anyone’s voice for that matter, Waze includes all sets of voice prompts that you could customize for use when have Voice directions enabled for the app.

However, if you opt to use custom voices from the list of voices available or the one’s you’ve personally recorded, you might lose some of its default features such as street names mentioning. So if you are comfortable without those street names mentioned during your drive and want something more personalized, you could turn on custom voice prompts as you like.