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Vivo might just be the first to unveil a smartphone with a on-display fingerprint sensor

cjmagowan  —  1 year ago ( Jun 18, 2017 )    |    Mobile

We’ve heard so much rumors about top mobile phone manufacturers that one of them would come out with a screen embedded fingerprint sensor. One of them was Samsung and was then anticipated to make its debut with the technology on the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ but as the company announced these two flagship devices, that didn’t happened and all rumors then shifted to the Galaxy Note8.While speculations about this feature to finally grace on the upcoming Note devices, reports suggests that Samsung will not be having this feature on the Galaxy Note 8 for technical reasons and security.

However, a report out of nowhere from China seems to suggests that we are all looking at the wrong direction as the report implies that the first device that will employ such technology won’t be what the top manufacturers that we would like to expect but rather from Vivo. The report suggest that the Chinese OEM already has a working prototype of the device and that we may be able to see that going official in as early as this coming June 28.

An analyst from China claims that while Vivo would bring forth the technology into the market, Apple will have them on the “Global Mainstream”. Apple is yet to unveil their 10th anniversary iPhone called the iPhone 8 or some suggests an iPhone X. Whatever the device’s name would be, it’s still unclear, whether Apple would finally embed its fingerprint scanner into the display or would it still rock the same Home button embedded fingerprint sensor since the iPhone 5s, and if they’d go with the former, one could then expect another innovation being popularized by Apple.

The rumors might have sense to it but let’s find out this coming June 28 as Vivo will be having an event Shanghai MWC conference to possibly show us the prototype device or perhaps announce a new handset that will be available in the market with a working screen-embedded fingerprint scanner.