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Turn your smartphone into instant-print camera with Prynt case

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Nov 15, 2014 )    |    Mobile, Technology


Would it be cool if you could just print your photos right after you snapped them? That’s what a group of individuals behind a small French startup Prynt had in mind, Instead of bringing a standalone device that makes the job done, the company makes a small slide-in case for iOS and Android smartphone devices to do just what the case claims to. Like the Polariod camera from many years ago, the new Prynt case comes with a built-in printer that could easily print your photos from the attached smartphone device in just a minute or less using heat to produce the image on an ink-filled paper

Company CEO and co-founder Clément Perrot claims that the retail product is planned to go on sale by early 2015. The prototype product could only take 1 paper at a time but the final version is expected to hold up to 10 – 30 sheets of paper and would take just half a minute to print your photos.

Other than just print your photos, the company is also getting into adding features for its case, one is when using Prynt’s native app to capture and print your photos, the app could record a short video and save them in the cloud when taking a snap, when the printed photo is held on the camera view finder using Prynt’s native app, it could play the short video that was recorded when the photo was taken. The technology uses hidden pixels embedded on the printed photos which distinguishes a photo printed from the case and those photos copied or printed elsewhere.

When released by early next year, the Prynt case would cost just $99 a piece with a number of  color options to choose from. At the moment, the company will support devices with 4.x screens but they are also working on a mount that would cater devices with larger displays such as the Galaxy Note series or the iPhone 6 Plus devices.