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Timex Ironman One GPS+, a smartwatch in itself that doesn’t need a smartphone with 3G built-in

Track your progress with built-in sensors and GPS and upload them straight to the internet using 3G connectivity
cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Aug 07, 2014 )    |    Featured, Gadgets


Timex has been widely known for its high quality watches not to mention how durable they are. The company however took notice on wearable gadgets lately and this time they released a standalone smartwatch with Ironman One GPS+ that does not need to pair with a smartphone to get things done.

Aside from just being a time-keeper, Timex Ironman One GPS+ features a handful of other sensors and fitness trackers which will help your fitness sessions as you move along the way. The smartwatch can directly send the collected data to a fitness website with one tap using the built-in 3G radio. Several variants will be available, the basic one with all the standard features will cost US$399 and the variant with a Heart Rate Monitor including the chest strap will cost more at US$450.

Timex includes a special messaging app as it incorporates simple SMS functions and a specialized email address. it also includes a special SOS button just in case something would go wrong so friend will be alerted with your current location.

The smartwatch is built solidly and rugged as it can go and submerged in water of up to 150 feet. It packs a 4GB of built-in memory which you could use to store music and stuff but it will only work with a Bluetooth headset. It comes with a 1.5-inch Mirasol display developed by Qualcomm which was first seen a year ago in a Toq smartwatch. It could last 3 full days under normal use and 8 hours with GPS and 3G on.

Timex have not expressed a solid date of availability but just in case you want one, Timex is now taking pre-orders on its website for US$450 with HRM and US$399 for without.