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The Yi HALO VR is Google’s new JUMP camera rig

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Apr 26, 2017 )    |    Gadgets

Alongside the 360 VR live action camera, Yi Technology also unveiled their Yi HALO VR, a project backed by Google to help boost VR filmmaking. The rig as it seems is the second of its kind after GoPro’s Odyssey from last year. Like its competition, the HALO VR comprises of 17 separate Yi 4K Action Cameras that produces stereoscopic video at an 8K resolution in 30fps of at 5.7K video resolution at 60fps. This equipment may not be for individuals but for professionals per se as it is built to work with Google’s high-end VR creation platform Jump

This rig enables filmmakers to enrich VR experience more than ever at is produces high-resolution videos. Google has already provided the blueprints of the ringed cameras and has provided the server to put every recording from each cameras together that will provide stunning VR experiences with Google’s DayDream VR. Added to that, the HALO VR comes with a touch screen panel so to operate them with ease and has levels around the rig so filmmakers could set the horizontal balance for a perfect shot.

As a professional rig, the Yi HALO costs around $16,999 in the US and is available today as part of a limited access program called Jump Start. Like the Yi 360 VR, the Yi HALO VR will arrive first in the US before they hit their homeland in China.