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The Samsung UNPacked 2018 now has a schedule, all ready to unveil the next Galaxy

cjmagowan  —  12 months ago ( Jan 27, 2018 )    |    News, Technology

The next Samsung flagship has been highly anticipated for month and Samsung is all ready to showcase its latest incarnation of the S series with a scheduled unveiling next month. Earlier, rumors suggested that the South Korean tech firm will hold its unveiling event at this coming MWC however as Samsung officials has announced, the company will be having its dedicated event a day earlier from MWC 2018. This doesn’t come to a surprise as Samsung already did the same thing with the Galaxy Note8 late last year which was then a week earlier that then IFA 2017.

So the date that Samsung would officially unveil the Galaxy S9 (as we all believed that is) will be on the 25th of February at Samsung UNPacked 2018 event. Samsung hasn’t explicitly cited the Galaxy S9 would be the star of the show but it’s all about the coincidence, timing and symbols indicated from Samsung official invitation site. It showed the number “9” as the center of everything which we strongly believed that it is tied up with the Galaxy S9.

It also contains a slogan that reads “Camera Reimagined” that hints something awesome will be coming in the Galaxy S9’s imaging department. There were mixed rumors as to what Samsung could possible bring us with the Galaxy S9 but there could be a main single imaging sensor in one of its variant and the other could carry a dual lens system similar to the Galaxy Note8. All are speculations so far and we’ll know more about it as the dates draws closer and the event would finally be opened.

We’ll keep you posted and Save the date…