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The Nokia 9 will be the ultimate flagship from HMD Global next to the Nokia 8

cjmagowan  —  12 months ago ( Jul 20, 2017 )    |    News

HMD Global’s upcoming Nokia 8 has been gaining more follower than ever as the Finnish company is set to unveil the handset pretty soon and that it could even be that day is today if those dates from the leaked renders is any of an indication. While we hoped so much about the Nokia 8 as the company’s flagship, though it would come with flagship specs, other speculations suggests that it isn’t the only device that HMD Global is planning to announce very soon.

While we look forward to meet the new Nokia 8, it’s hard to argue that the mobile market is also looking forward for the long-rumored Nokia 9 to surface this year. Our sources seems to suggests that besides the Nokia 8, HMD Global is also preparing for the launch of the Nokia 9 which is said feature a refreshingly different design from all of Nokia’s current lineup.

Sources, claimed that HMD Global will announce not just one but two flagship devices soon with each of these devices serving different high-end price points with the Nokia 8 mainly as the more affordable handset of the two while the Nokia 9 would serve as the overall hardware capable handset of all the Nokia series with one of the best hardware that HMD Global can serve.

With that said, the Nokia 8 as numerous leaks already suggests will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset with 4GB RAM and an expandable 64GB of storage. The new Nokia 8 will also introduce a dual-sensor camera module with Zeiss lenses that customers are awaiting all this time.

Now, the Nokia 9 will be HMD Global’s ultimate flagship device with various sources claiming that the flagship device will have a larger display, however, it wasn’t said to include an edge-to-edge display but experts believed in the thought that HMD Global could have that featured on the Nokia 9 as sketches and renders suggests.

The Nokia 9 will also be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset but will include with either 6GB or even an 8GB RAM with larger 128GB storage. In addition to that, the flagship Nokia 9 is also said to include an iris scanner and IP68 certified hardware for water and dust proofing. For imaging, the Nokia 9 will have the same sensors that the Nokia 8 would have complete with its dual sensors and Zeiss lenses.

The Nokia 9 with all its top-end specs will be more expensive than the Nokia 8 with an expected price of 749 Euros while the Nokia 8 will settle for about 589 Euros with an expected worldwide released later this year.