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The Nokia 3310 to go on sale in Europe next week

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Apr 23, 2017 )    |    News

Nokia fans in Europe are starting to itch their hands as the Nokia 3310 (2017) gets closer to its release in the said continent. The beautiful small handset is expected to land in store shelves next week but depending on where you’re at, pricing might not as what you’ve thought it would be since HMD announced the handset at MWC 2017 just a couple of months ago.

HMD announced at MWC 2017 that the Nokia 3310 (2017) will be priced at 49 Euro, however some parts of Europe particularly in Austria, Norway and Czech Republic are now listing the device at 59 Euros. Other countries might as well follow the same until it gets announced next week, one retailer in Germany has the Nokia 3310 (2017) listed at 53 Euros with shipping to go initially as early as the 28th of April. Others seems to have remained as what was promised but that also remains to be seen as demand for the handset remains at the top despite the handset being a simple and fairly a basic mobile phone device.