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Teaser: OnePlus to retain headphone jack, hints name of the upcoming device

cjmagowan  —  1 year ago ( Nov 01, 2017 )    |    News

The next OnePlus device is so highly anticipated that it seems like every now and then, something comes out to tease on what to expect with what we currently know so far as the OnePlus 5T. One teaser straight from OnePlus on twitter was this image:

From the first generation to the current OnePlus 5 device, all of them carries something in common and that’s the headphone jack. With the teaser, it revealed that despite other companies are trying to abandoned that nifty little feature on their devices, OnePlus on the other hand loves to stick with it and the next or should we say the upcoming OnePlus 5T will carry the same useful feature as well.

Just even more recently, Though the company didn’t say anything regarding the matter, OnePlus may have drop the ball with the next teaser image. Here’s something that just get even more obvious and exciting, a OnePlus cup of 5 with all of them with a tea bag.

OnePlus already had a blast of other teasers for its upcoming device recently that details with its camera equipment which is seen as a huge upgrade. Another thing to look out for is the new and radical design for a OnePlus device with a large 18:9 display.

So, things are getting more interesting and expect an even more teasers as we inch closer to the unveiling that happens on November 16th. Stay tuned…