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Support for Dolby Atmos Audio for XBox One and Windows 10 to come next year

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Dec 15, 2016 )    |    Computing, Entertainment, News, Technology

Microsoft is hard at work to improve our user experience for the XBox One with the company recently announced that it would support Dolby Atmos audio for Blue-Ray playback but the surprise didn’t stop there as Microsoft today reiterates their first statement and added more which now claims to support the audio technology for games on the XBox One and Windows 10.

However, to enjoy every bit of details on your audio experience, one will need to have a pretty high-end speakers that likely support Dolby Atmos but Microsoft said that anyone can get the same experience on virtually any available headphones in the market today. With the upcoming audio support, users could expect more immersive gaming and entertainment experiences.

Microsoft didn’t have the specifics for the release of the update by the company assure customers to get the taste of the new update by next year. So if you are one of those who make the most of the realism every media content has to offer, this new addition in Audio experience is a welcome change.