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Soon DoTA 2 games can be viewed in Virtual Reality complete with game stats at your command

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Apr 06, 2016 )    |    Entertainment, Technology

Virtual Reality (VR) already proves it’s fun playing games in a virtual environment where you could naturally do whatever you want within the game but besides playing, Valve also got some nice ideas to incorporate both gaming and spectating in a virtual reality environment. It’s e-Sport and highly popular game DoTA 2 could enable players to play in virtual environment and view ongoing games as spectators.

A video from SteamVR website briefly showed a first-person view within a VR environment using the latest HTC Vive headset and controller where an ongoing game can be viewed in real-time that hangs in front. Looking on the left, the viewer can see the full avatars of the players along with their player names as labels. As aspectator, users can also perform several gestures with the Vive controller which can bring a hologram of infographics including theplayer stats and current gameprogress.

DoTA 2 has already been an addictive game and having them in virtual reality could rather be more addictive, engaging and entertaining experience for gamers and game spectators. The VR headset such as the Vive, Rift or any compatible VR headset available would be a great addition of an even more immersive experience. However, Valve haven’t reveal any other information regarding the new feature or when spectating will be available in DoTA 2. The company has always been quiet regarding upcoming releases, so it’s for us to wait and see.