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Secure a Police Clearance in Cebu City

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Jan 14, 2015 )    |    Guides


This might sound a bit off from our regular programming but this should be helpful to those who are about to get a police clearance at the Cebu City Police Office (CCPO). The way we used to get clearances from the Cebu City Police office has been changed over the years, I remember before that it could take a day or two in order to get a police clearance from CCPO but now the service has improved and the utilization of new technologies has given this institution the better take to get things done and serve the people faster and easier.

So, if you are planning or about to get a police clearance from CCPO, these are the steps that you are going to take. But before we go into that, make sure that you have the following prerequisites to make your police clearance application as smooth as possible.

/ Prerequisites

√    Photocopy of your Valid ID or a photocopy of your birth certificate or baptismal certificate

√    Barangay Clearance

√    Latest Cedula (Community Tax Certificate)

Visit the CCPO Clearance Center’s new office at:

White Gold Club Compound, Annex Building, A Soriano St. North Reclamation Area (NRA), Cebu City

(The Annex Bldg, it located at the back of White Gold Club)

/ Steps + Procedures

[  1 : Document assessment + filling up the application form  ]

When you arrive at the area, Present all your prerequisites on the front desk and the personnel stationed their will check your documents and then you will be given an application form to fill-up.

After filling up the application form, give this back to the front desk and they will attach the application form together with all other documents you have in hand and then redirect you to step 2.

[  2 : Payment  ]

You will be given your priority number and paying the necessary fees.

At Cashier 1, you will be ask to pay the amount of Php 45.00 for the Document purpose, Certification and Documentary Stamp then, you will have to go to Cashier 2. At Cashier 2, you’ll need to pay another Php 85.00 for the Picture and biometrics taking and then you’ll need to take a seat and wait until you name is called.

[  3 : Picture + Biometrics  ]

Here,  after your name is called, you will be ask to go to the Picture and Biometric area for them to take your picture and have your fingerprints scanned.

[  4 : Processing + Verification  ]

You will be ask to proceed to the waiting area which is situated outside.

The Processing and Verification could take about 10 minutes at most but that would depend on the number of clients during the hour.

[  5 : Releasing ]

The waiting time for the certificates to be available could be as little as 10 minutes while the whole process could be done in 45 minutes to an hour but that will depend on the number of clients during the day. The releasing of results are usually in batches, so that would explain why we have to wait for a while for them to print the certificates. When ready, they will call you by your priority number but sometimes by clients name whenever necessary.

So there you have it, securing a police clearance in Cebu City is fairly simple and easy, all you need to do is to prepare all the necessary requirements before going to their office. The Clearance center is open at 8 AM with a cut-off time of 3 PM from Monday through Friday.