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Screenshot of Windows 10 for Phones Build 10070 leaked online showing an updated Start Screen with new Live Tile changes

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Apr 26, 2015 )    |    News


(Windows 10 Build 10070 vs. Windows 10 Build 10052)

With Windows Insider program, registered users are always in the process of getting new bug fixes and new features for Windows 10 for Phones. As new builds pours in, new changes are expected every now and then. Microsoft recently rolled out Build 10052 to Windows Insider with some visual changes inside them including the new transparency settings, but internally at Microsoft, the Windows team are working continuously to bring new improvements to the yet to be released OS.

However, as the Redmond giant pushes forward in the developments of Windows 10, someone from the inside got already some of the interesting stuff that will coming the in the next build with the latest leaked was purportedly coming from a Samsung Ativ S device running Window 10 Build 10070. It features a new visual element from the Start screen itself where the improvements was greatly focused on the Live Tiles this time. As we can see from the screenshot above, when compared to current Build 10052, the Tiles seems to have narrowed their margins between them. Though it looks like this could be a one of the new set of improvements for the upcoming build or as some have speculated that it could just be a scaling issue due to the size of the device. More so, as Microsoft polishes things most of the elements for Windows 10, it could be a welcome change for everyone where these changes are best suited for devices with smaller screens that could be none other than a Windows Phone.

Like any other test software with the Windows Insider program, the internal build 10070 is said to be buggy and that doesn’t surprises anyone as it is expected for any software that are still under development. If anyone would agree, we think that the upcoming Windows 10 for Phone would be a huge step forward from where Windows 8.1 is standing right now and it is also expect that with the direction the OS is heading, software developers would also accompany the Redmond giant as well.