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Samsung to offer refurbished Galaxy Note7 units

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Mar 28, 2017 )    |    News

Rumors about Samsung’s plan to reintroduce the Galaxy Note7 into the market as refurbished devices refuses to die out and the primary reason is that Samsung who kept itself silent since the rumors began now has something to say about it.

Things are formally confirmed by Samsung, The remaining Galaxy Note7 that has been returned to the manufacturer will evaluated and whatever the results maybe these units will be stripped for their parts, metals will be recycled and others might just have the chance on the hands of customers.

With Samsung’s findings about the Galaxy Note7 demise was the battery as the culprit, the Korean tech giant will have to refurbish these units and sell them somewhere, the regions that might just get these units is still under negotiation as Samsung has to deal with a number of consultants and will have to undergo a regulatory bodies of the country they are planning to release these devices before they can have their units sell.

Samsung will also have to consider customer’s demands to see if it’s still viable to sell the refurbished devices. And when all goes well, Samsung could ship these devices will smaller batteries and others might have on parts in them.

With these refurbished units, Samsung hoped to help minimized the environmental impact of e-waste as a result of disposing this huge number of electronic devices. But the possibility remains to be seen whether Samsung will sell these devices or have them for rent. Also something to note for is that, If Samsung would finally have these Galaxy Note7 devices in the market, they might not call them as such and might even have to assign a special designated model name for that matter.