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Samsung to introduce a new smart fridge with 21.5-inch touchscreen display with internal cameras at CES 2016

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Jan 04, 2016 )    |    Featured, Gadgets, News

CES 2016 will be a one stop hub for all our technology-driven future from what’s making waves in the market and what’s coming in the future where technology will play a key role in making our lives better and getting connected with each other and now even our devices and appliances can talk to each other as well as the Internet of Things becomes the next big thing in our daily lives.


Samsung is in all force for making our kitchen of the future a fully connected appliances that communicates well to other devices of Internet of Things. The fridge, is all modern and futuristic with a 21.5-inch full-HD touch screen display which also function as a “Family Hub” which can also manage and talk to other interconnected devices which might that be your phone, television, your oven perhaps and even your next range to inform you about the status of the device and when you need to buy food that is missing in your kitchen and if the food you are cooking is already cooked.

Aside the gigantic display on the fridge door, the smart refrigerator is also equipped with cameras built inside so you could check on the contents of your fridge without opening them, it could also tell which product is expiring or which requires replenishing. It’s all about information that our next appliances are becoming. As the fridge becomes a part of interconnected devices, it comes with its own smartphone app where owners can monitor their fridge remotely and check supplies inventory which proves a lot more convenience.

The Family Hub functions on the large 21.5-inch display can also double as a webpage browser where users can browse for recipes and ideas about the next meal you are working, monitor your family’s eating habits and display messages straight from your smartphone which becomes useful for leaving message that works just like what we did when we have post-it on our fridge at home.


Understandably, the device will be launching in Korea with all the features readily can be utilized in the country. However, Samsung have yet to announced whether they are going to release the kitchen appliance to other regions or the standard pricing of the device.