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Samsung starts accepting pre-orders of the Galaxy S8+ 6GB/128GB variant in South Korea

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Apr 09, 2017 )    |    Mobile, News

After Samsung unveiled the company’s latest flagship the Galaxy S8, it is time for us to prepare for the launching of the product. The Galaxy S8 is expected to go on sale worldwide beginning on the 21st of April and right now, the only way for us to get our own exclusive first hand opportunity to own the device is through pre-orders. That said, Samsung has already begun accepting pre-order of the new flagship.

But, unlike any other part of the world, there were two markets that gets more that what the new Galaxy S8 has for us. Pre-orders both in China and South Korea are both accepting reservations for the regular Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ plus something more of the latter and that is its 6GB RAM variant that is currently exclusive in these two markets. The Galaxy S8+ 6GB RAM variant also comes with an exclusive Midnight black color scheme and comes with 128GB of on-board storage.

While at the moment this variant of the Galaxy S8+ is completely exclusive for South Korea and China, there are rumors that Samsung is thinking of launching this variant to other regions as well. That might be possible but the question is when? and if that happens, what will the price would be, given the Galaxy S8+ already has a premium price tag on its sleeve. Will people actually buy it? I’m sure it will be… So Samsung might want to consider what they have in mind at the moment, so as not to disappoint fans and customers.

For the record, the Galaxy S8+ 6GB/128GB variant is priced at KRW 1,155,000 or roughly around US$1014.00 or more that 50K in the Philippines. The base Galaxy S8 cost KRW 935,000 ($821) while the Galaxy S8+ will cost KRW 990,000 ($869).