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Samsung Intros the 34-inch SE790C curved widescreen monitor for an ultimate viewing experience

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Dec 22, 2014 )    |    Computing, Entertainment


If there’s one thing that deserves more innovation in a PC it’s the monitor itself. The PC monitor ever since the dawn of computers has been our window to the world of computing. Every content that is created and delivered in a digital and graphical scale can be best viewed on a PC monitor that’s why Samsung came out with the new Samsung SE790C curved widescreen monitor for the ultimate viewing experience. To deliver the most immersive and comfortable viewing experience, Samsung created the new breed of curved monitors, using the latest innovations in display technology with edge-to-edge viewing angle that brings a 3D like effect that makes the display a seemingly large screen compared to flat screens of the same size.

The Samsung SE790C is a 34-inch Widescreen display that features ULTRA-WQHD at 3,440 x 1,440 resolutions with 21:9 aspect ratio. It comes with a 3000:1 and 300 cd/m2 contrast ratio bringing more vivid colors, deeper blacks and sharper details with the lowest viewing distortion possible. The monitor also comes with Picture-by-Picture(PbP) which allow simultaneous connection with two different compatible devices such as PC’s, Laptops, Game console and Set-top-box without compromising the screen real estate and Picture-In-Picture (PiP) 2.0 technology which enables multi-tasking without the need to downscale contents.

The new SE790C monitor is also equipped with 4 USB 3.0 super-charging ports to eliminate the need of a docking station and maintain continuous connectivity of all connected devices. It has an embedded 7-watt stereo speakers which are able to deliver high-quality stereo sound and richer sound experience. As as always featured on Samsung monitors, SE790C also comes with Game Mode feature that pairs with the monitor’s 4 millisecond response time to auto correct blurry images, enhances contrast and improves visibility which benefits gamers where scenes changes abruptly minimizing its blurry effect.