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Samsung Galaxy S8 owners are bugged by random reboots

Should you be concerned?
cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( May 01, 2017 )    |    News

Galaxy S8 random reboots

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a technology jam-packed device that Samsung mobile has every created. With rigorous marketing campaign, it shoots Samsung right back in the game after a failure it endured with the Galaxy Note 7. But as if an ill faith follows Samsung wherever it goes, the new Galaxy S8 flagship is also plague with problems and issues, though not as alarming as what happened to its Note 7.

The handset has just been launched in a number of key markets across the world and just as it landed to the hands to those who pre-ordered the device, they are unfortunate are the first one to experience these problems. First we have the screen red-tinting issue which Samsung promptly addressed with a software update but another one came up and this time, is that the handset randomly reboots for several times without any apparent reason.

Whether you are using the device or not, it reboots itself and the only way to probably stop that from rebooting is turning off the device. Users also noticed that certain apps causes the handset to reboot including native apps like the camera or even going to the themes settings. It doesn’t even matter whether the device is on-charge or not, as long as it feels to reboot itself then it will.

Besides the random reboots, users are also reporting that the devices rearranges apps on the home screen now and again. Samsung still haven’t found any resolution to the issue but some believes that it might have something to do with the included microSD card during the purchase but other users are also experiencing the issue without a microSD card installed so the latter will not be to blame.

Samsung though is already investigation on the issue and now tell owners to get a replacement unit, for those intolerable with this kind of situations, Samsung is also offering a full refund while engineers are looking for ways to resolve this issue.

Do note that here in the Philippines, we are still on our way to get our hands on the new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ units and if the problem presents itself on the arriving units as well, will we get a taste of another fiasco or is there are way to have this issues resolved before it arrives in our store shelves?

The question now is, if you did pre-order the device, do you still want to get you hands on Samsung’s latest flagship?

If not, do you still want to get the Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy S8+ even with these minute problems that it takes along with it?

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