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Samsung Galaxy S8 – a major revamp on the S-series starting with on-screen navigation

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Feb 22, 2017 )    |    Mobile, News

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 is currently the most anticipated device to date and it’s also one that’s going to have a major revamp since the series was introduced in 2010. While Samsung hoped to keep their next flagship a secret, some had the opportunity to peek through what’s cooking inside Samsung and even third-party accessory makers has a first hand look at the unreleased handset.

Generous insiders got us covered of what seemed to be a legit Samsung Galaxy S8 handset running in the wild, if you’d notice, tech sites that poses the Galaxy S8 are either dummies or perhaps real Galaxy S8 but not running anything, meaning they are completely off when those photos were taken. Here, we’ve got the live images of the handset and is somewhat consistent of what we have already known a few months back regarding the changes that the series would include on the 8th generation of the handset.

The Galaxy S8 will have a nearly bezel less design with larger display-to-body ratio and if it pushes into production, the Galaxy S8 would be the first S-series handset that will no longer rely on a physical home button which is commonly found at the center below the handset’s display. With that significant change, Samsung will be resurrecting its on-screen navigation controls that dbut with its Galaxy Nexus in 2011. This time however, Samsung has refined the user experience on the upcoming handset and that it runs on the latest Android version on the market.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Navigation bar

From what we can see from here, the navigation bar is dynamic and changes depending on where the user is. It also shows a different key from the usual on-screen controls on devices with stock Android experience. This suggests that Galaxy S users will get the same user experience having the new on-screen navigation and with devices that has a physical home button and capacitive keys.

As another thing you’ll notice with the number of leaked images for the Galaxy S8 is that the fingerprint sensor is moving at the back of the device, given that the Galaxy S8 no longer has the home button available which housed the fingerprint reader since the Galaxy S5. And finally, iris recognition capabilities from the now discontinued Galaxy Note7 will make its way to the Galaxy S8 adding another layer of security feature.

While everyone is hoping for Samsung to show up something at MWC 2017, numerous reports already suggests that Samsung will be skipping MWC for the unveiling of the Galaxy S8 and instead be making a special unveiling event on March 29 in New York with its launched to be set on either April 18 or April 21. The latter dates still needs to be confirmed but depending of the two dates given, the Galaxy S8 will become available almost a month after its dbut.