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Samsung Galaxy S III and Note 2 Embedded Diagnostic Tools

cjmagowan  —  5 years ago ( Dec 30, 2013 )    |    Guides


The Samsung Galaxy SIII and Note 2 has plenty of features that most of us did not know they exists. Such hidden features just needed to be discovered or you may download the Official Galaxy Note 2 User’s Digest from the Play Store for an in-depth look. But As you may know by now, it seem that every device has hidden features in them that is usually intended for servicing the device and documented only for the well-trained technicians.


Activating the Diagnostic Tool

In this tutorial, We will use a Galaxy Note 2 since it’s the only device that I have with me right now. The diagnostic menu on Galaxy note 2 literally check the device condition with different diagnostic tests and return the results to the user. This menu is embedded into the system and doesn’t require any rooting at all. To access the hidden diagnostic menu, all we have to do is to dial in simple command on the Galaxy Note 2 phone dialer as shown below.


Diagnostic Tools Menu

After entering the code above, it automatically shows a full screen menu with the following diagnostic tests to determine the device status and current health of device.


This screen is very self explanatory and is easy to use. The test results are directly displayed to the user after running each diagnostic tests.

g-note2-diagtool-5-576x1024 g-note2-diagtool-4-576x1024 g-note2-diagtool-3-576x1024 g-note2-diagtool-2-576x1024

Test Results

The test results are very helpful when determining the device current status and can also be useful for someone or anyone especially the second hand buyers who wants to know if the device they are trying to acquire is faulty or is working properly.


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