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Qualcomm: Expect the first ARM-based Windows 10 device by the end of the year

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Apr 26, 2017 )    |    Computing

Windows 10 basically is running on either x86 or x64 Intel/AMD processors but ARM-based processor becoming more powerful and actually are in the mainstream now, Microsoft has its plans laid out to release Windows 10 on ARM architecture. In fact, the company already demonstrated a version of Windows 10 running on ARM-based processor at WinHEC 2016. It certainly does the same thing as your regular PC but running apps specifically designed for the mobile processor.

That plans are going full-blown this year as Qualcomm, the top manufacturer of ARM-based processor shed its plans to release the first Windows device with full-blown Windows 10 on-board by the end of the year. The said Windows 10 device is expected to be powered by no less than a Snapdragon 835 chipset which are currently powering the high-end mobile devices like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and other upcoming high-end mobile devices.

If that sounds interesting, the name of the device itself will add some more interests on the table. Qualcomm and Microsoft will be calling it a Cellular PC and like all other mobile devices, it will have all the major connectivity support currently available for mobile devices including LTE support which is obviously one of the reasons why the two companies are calling it as such, then there’s Wi-Fi 802.11ac and its derivatives, Bluetooth 5.0 and WiGig and other connectivity options design for full mobility.

Though we don’t know exactly how they would look like, it might be a tablet hybrid or a laptop form factor but when the device finally lands on the market, analysts believed that it will be thin and light and it will be virtually noiseless as it comes with no fans in them. Moreover, it should be having either a UFS or SSD for storage, this type of storage medias doesn’t employ any mechanical parts so they don’t make any sounds at all. Expect the first official device by the end of the year.