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PHIVOLCS-DOST debunks news about the “Big One” through an official press release

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Feb 25, 2017 )    |    News, Science

Numerous sites and various social media posts gave warning for the alleged the “Big One” which says that the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS-DOST) warned the citizens of an upcoming earthquake in the Philippines that is said to strike anytime between February 24 and March 28 2017. Now PHIVOLCS has an official statement regarding the matter and debunk such claims.

Here is the official press release from PHIVOLCS-DOST published on February 24, 2017 :

Re: PHIVOLCS saying that the Big One will happen between February 24 and March 08, 2017.

It has come to our attention that these messages/articles/news are still circulating in Facebook. We cannot predict when or where an earthquake will happen. There is no reliable technology in the world that can confidently predict the date, time and location of large earthquakes. What we do is prepare earthquake scenarios of hazards and impacts to be used as guide for mitigation, preparedness and response.

Please avoid sharing these messages because your friends and relatives will think that you believe these messages are true and they will take your word for it.

For more information about earthquake and preparedness materials, you may visit the PHIVOLCS website, facebook and twitter.


As PHIVOLCS reiterates for numerous times already, earthquake predictions and non-existent we have no existing technology to predict the exact date, time and location of impending earthquakes. As we might have noticed,data released from PHIVOLCS and other geological monitoring agencies across the world regarding earthquakes or any seismic activities comes next or after the quake has occurred.

Whether the event will happen or not, it is better for us to prepare and be alert always for such catastrophe with continuing education and training through earthquake drills.PHIVOLCS on their part has prepared earthquake scenarios as our guide for preparedness and quick response which is by the way are available from the source below.

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