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OSX now has a malware too and you should be careful

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( May 01, 2017 )    |    Computing, News

Mac users have stayed virus free for years thanks to the controlled system that Apple imposes on its hardware-software relationship. But despite how Apple closely guarded its OSX operating system, no one is safe from the hackers. What was thought to be the most secured computing environment available to date just got its first flu and is seems nasty when users are not aware that have already been infected.

Detected by Check Point Malware research team, the first known Malware of its kind solely targeted to Mac’s OSX is called Dok or the shorthand for “Dokument” where it got its name. It was thought to be safe when you are on OSX, but the notion of it slims down as the people and the community are recognizing OSX as a host for our daily computing task. This is like the time when Windows just started to become popular that hackers are gun the OS with viruses and all sorts of malware which potentially caused a headache for many.

For the Mac community, Dok is a significant piece of malware which is flagged as a big deal and a big threat to Mac safety and security because not only does have the potential to steal your credentials it could also pass through your GateKeeper security protection undetected because for reasons that it appears to have a digitally signed and valid developer certificate in which later was found out was fake.

For one to get infected, the malware will arrived thru an email, a phishing email with an attachment If the potential user would then download the attachment, it will start to run itself and display an error message to the user. It will then show that the file cannot be opened and that it is damaged, clicking on the OK would again execute itself and shows another fake dialog which tells the user that is has an OS X updates available and that the user needs to Update all.

Once you’re at it, you will be ask to enter your password and the actual attack would begin. It will then gain access to administrative privileges and will redirects all your web browsing to a certain proxy. This way, hackers would then gain access to all the sites you visit, every activity you have on your computer at this point has been compromise, worst scenario would be for the hackers to gain access to your credit card details on whatever details on every online transactions you have.

To keep oneself safe, be very careful on what you download online. Thinking that only Windows users gets infected with a virus, in our present day, the game has changed as even our mobile operating systems have their own malware infection stories so basically no one is safe as the risk are eventually there when you go online. If you are one of the unfortunate OSX users who were infected or thinks to be infected, has the guide to get yourself clean so you might want to head over to our sources below.