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Oreo is now on more than 1% of the total Android devices in the market

cjmagowan  —  12 months ago ( Feb 06, 2018 )    |    Technology

Every version of Android is without question something that will see a growth of users rocking them along and each previous iteration will have its throne be taken but their successor. This though doesn’t necessarily mean that the latest would have its place in everybody when they turn up and reveal its presence, it will have its own process of user acceptance that in a matter of time, people will grow to adapt on using them.

In the previous months, Android Marshmallow has been the king of the hill but today, the story now focuses on Android Nougat as it finally surpassed Marshmallow after 18 months of its existence which brought Android Nougat user base up by a total of 28.5 percent coming from 26.4% of last month. What this also means is that Marshmallow who reign well enough of time is now down at 28.1 percent from 28.6 percent of the previous month. Holding on to keep its relevance in the charts is Android Lollipop with 24.6 percent of total Android devices.

Oreo on the other hand might be away from being the most popular is gaining grounds and is in fact has passed the 1 percent mark of the user base. With manufacturers are upgrading their devices to Oreo, expect these numbers of change from time to time.