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onetechavenue’s new changes and a new theme

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( May 01, 2017 )    |    Entertainment, Featured, News

Just recently, our servers were hit by downtime and eventual failures. Thankfully our server providers are working hard to ensure  that all sites from the servers will be restored but there was another problem along the way. Our site was unfortunately hacked and we had to pull it offline to ensure safety of our visitors.

It took almost one whole month for us to migrate and install, modify and everything in between to make everything work again. And just as the Easter celebrations went forth, we have our site back. Along with the now clean and new servers, we are also introducing a few changes on onetechavenue.

onetechavenue had a few changes since 2013 and we apply these changes every other year. As we use WordPress to make everything easy. We rely heavily on a modified theme and to create a unique user experience. Previously, we used light themes which served us for almost 3 years and now we want to try something new and different, something a bit off from the usual but still having a great user experience.

We’ve also rearrange our cards to make them more user-friendly and distinguishable, changed our font to complement the whole user interface. Unlike before, posts with device specifications contents are no longer displayed on the our index page but our device list will help you to get them. We’ve also manage to have a better and easy to use Devices list interface that’s easier to understand.

Keeping things afloat, we need to monetize onethechavenue one way or the other so beginning today, you will start seeing unobtrusive ads on our website which will eventually help us to keep going.

If you’re a blogger or just wanted to add or share something that fits our website context, feel free to join us by sending your email to admin(at)