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onetechavenue turns 2 with an updated interface

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Oct 29, 2015 )    |    Entertainment, Featured, Guides, News


Ever since I’ve started getting my little space on the internet, the sites I maintained are constantly revised yearly and after 15 years of online presence, I have now focused myself on onetechavenue. The site is basically my online blog about new technologies and gadgets from which I have been a fan, apart from the usual technology updates, onetechavenue also takes notice about science and health and of course its underlying developments which still involves the evolution of technology.

Like in the past, onetechavenue has undergone a complete user interface update which is basically isn’t new if you’ve been to the site when it launched two years ago. So the new interface isn’t in direct relation from last year’s design but on the design that was introduced when the site début. It has maintained the card-based design scheme as was significantly updated when it was updated on its first anniversary. Though it looks to follow the traditional blog designs, the 2014 theme has its failures which forced me to alleviate some of its design culprits with inline css alternatives. Now that the problems are addressed, I am looking forward to write articles and post easier, more productive with a better presentation for users and visitors.