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NX is now Switch and is Nintendo’s next generation gaming console

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Oct 22, 2016 )    |    Entertainment, Featured, Gadgets, News


When Nintendo announced the Nintendo NX many have waited for the arrival of their next-gen console until it was nearly forgotten, however after more than a year and a half Nintendo finally made their future console machine official and called it the Nintendo Switch. Like many rumors in the past, Nintendo’s console looks nothing else from its rivals, in fact the Switch is a hybrid device that transforms from a traditional box to a handset gaming machine.

So what make the Switch unique?

Nintendo came up with an idea to integrate console gaming into a more portable handheld device, that’s where the NX now Switch was born. The system itself is driven primarily by what looks like 7-inch tablet device which that Nintendo calls “the Switch Console”. The tablet looks pretty sleek and slim along with a with a detachable controllers and a dock.

When on the move or just plainly want to play games privately, users can attach the controllers into the Switch Console and use it just like a Wii U GamePad.There are a variety of options when playing on the game console,either with the controllers attached to the tablet and go on with a Wii U like experience or allow the table to stand on any surface with its built-in kickstand and usea central unit called the “Joy-Con Grip” which behaves as a single player controller. But if the latter isn’t an option, the detachable controllers can work as a wireless controller itself so you’ll have more freedom to work around.


When at home, the Switch Console can be place unto the dock which are then attached to a compatible display to play games on a bigger screen. that’s where the wireless controller with the Joy-Con Grip may be very well fitted. Also if those options seen to be more complicated, Nintendo will also be selling a more traditional “Pro Controller” to ultimately feel the experience of playing games on a game console.

Besides the wireless controllers and stuff, the Switch can also connect to network of Switch consoles for multiplayer gaming or play games with friends on a single Switch console device.

What powers the Switch?

Nintendo is yet to reveal the complete details about the console and 7-inch tablet is still something to speculate as we’re not really sure if that’s the dimension of the tablet as of the moment but judging from the intro video and the press images, our thoughts about it seems more likely.


The beating heart of the Nintendo Switch in an unspecified Nvidia Tegra processor which is based on GeForce Gaming Graphics cards. But we’reyet to see ifit comes with the new Pascal architecture found on the 1000 series GPU’s but we bet on the matter or that the Switch is based on the outgoing architecture.

What games will be available for Switch?

Like all other Nintendo interfaces, the console will support Nintendo games first hand with the likes of Mario and Mario Kart, Splatoon and many Nintendo developed games. Plus, Nintendo also announced that third-party game developers and publishers are going to support the new Switch Console including:Activision, Atlus, Bethesda, Capcom, EA, Epic Games, Konami, Platinum Games, Square Enix, Take-Two and Ubisoft. From the preview, we seeThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim andNBA 2Kare just the few games available with Switch and many more when they become available in stores.

When will it be become available?

Nintendo is set to launch the console worldwide beginning March 2017.