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No Smoking in Public places now in effect in the Philippines

cjmagowan  —  12 months ago ( Jul 24, 2017 )    |    News

Today marks the second day of implementation of Executive Order 26 (EO 26) or the Smoking ban law all over the country. What this means is that all smoking individuals are prohibited to do their casual habit in all public places whether they are in the open or in an enclosed area that includes the streets primarily, playgrounds, churches, hospitals and in a transport systems that are already on the roads. For establishments, it includes places such as markets, restaurants, malls, gyms, stores, elevators and every other places where people are around.

However, the law isn’t that strict as smokers could still light a stick in a specified smoking area where there’s proper enclosure and ventilation. The new mandate though requires smoking area for those establishment that have one to have area separated and dedicated for smoking only. Though the law is in effect, these exceptions are designed to help smokers to eventually leave the addictive habit behind and live a health life.

The Smoking ban was a directive by President Rodrigo Duterte which he implemented as Mayor in Davao City and have been advocated as a nationwide implementation since his campaign for presidency last year.